June 3, 2024

Outdoor Living, Tacoma-Style: 12 Ideas to Make Your Home a Summer Paradise

Outdoor Living, Tacoma-Style: 12 Ideas to Make Your Home a Summer Paradise

Tacoma’s long summer days are made for being outside.

Kids’ birthday parties. Barbeques with friends. Sunset drinks with your favorite people.

But if your home doesn’t have comfortable outdoor spaces, you might find yourself sweltering inside on the couch instead.

With such wet, gray winters, outdoor living spaces can end up being an afterthought for Pacific Northwest homeowners. But those dark winters are exactly why you want to enjoy summer as much as possible.

So we put together the 12 top ideas to level-up your outdoor living space in Tacoma.

Install a Gazebo or Other Shade Structure

Adding shade is the number one way to make it nice to spend more time outdoors.

Shade structures like gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas give you central gathering space to relax with your friends and family without being in direct sunlight.

Gazebos and pavilions have the added benefit of a solid roof, so you can use them even in the rainy shoulder seasons.

Build a Covered Patio

Patios are typically connected to your home, which means you can step directly from your indoor living area out into your outdoor one.

They’re the perfect place to barbeque, eat dinner outside, or relax after a long day.

By adding a covering you get all the benefits of a shade structure, too, with rain protection if you opt for a solid roof.

Big, Sliding Patio Doors

One of the best ways to create a more expansive summer living space is to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Big sliding glass doors create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor. 

This is especially great for entertaining because your guests have more room to move around and make themselves comfortable.

Add a Deck

You can literally elevate your outdoor living area by adding a deck to your property.

Decks are especially great if your property isn’t perfectly flat because they can be built to fit virtually any grade. Plus they retain less heat than your typical patio, so it’s easier to cool off in the evenings.

Decks also tend to boost home resale values more than many other additions. So your outdoor living investment adds to your long-term investment.

Install a Fire Pit (or Even a Fireplace!)

Nothing brings people together like gathering around a fire.

A beautiful fire pit or outdoor fireplace gives your summer gatherings an easy focal point. And it’s the perfect place to spend time with your family in the evening.

Plus it adds brightness and warmth to those chilly shoulder season get-togethers.

Create an Outdoor Living Room

Instead of thinking of your outdoor space in terms of a patio here or a shade structure there, incorporate all the elements you want into a complete outdoor living room.

Outdoor living rooms can be covered or uncovered, attached to your house or separate, and they can include things like fireplaces, built-in seating, even televisions and sound systems.

Just like designing the living area in a custom home, an outdoor living room lets you create a complete vision for your perfect space.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be limited to barbequing.

Adding a full outdoor kitchen to your space is great for entertaining. Outdoor kitchens often include a barbeque, but they can also have a cooktop, a sink, a fridge, even a pizza oven or a dishwasher.

When you connect it to your outdoor living room you’ve got the perfect setup for long summer evenings outside.

Splurge on a Hot Tub

Few things are more delightfully indulgent—or more relaxing—than slipping into your steaming hot tub on a long summer evening.

A hot tub is equally perfect after a long hike or a busy workday.

Plus, hot tubs are one of those outdoor amenities you’ll find yourself using year around. Chilly fall night? Rare winter snow day? Drizzly spring evening? All great hot tub times.

Install a Cold Plunge

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve taken up the practice of cold water exposure, maybe it’s time for a cold plunge of your own.

From decreased inflammation to a stronger immune system and better sleep, having a cold plunge that’s available to you every day will help you get even more of the benefits you’re after.

And it’s the perfect addition to your hot tub—just be sure to warn guests which is which.

Include Outdoor Showers

You don’t want to be clean before getting in your hot tub or cold plunge, but you probably want to rinse off afterwards, too.

An outdoor shower is the perfect addition to make your soaking and plunging more convenient.

Plus outdoor showers are a great way to rinse off and cool down after a good hike or a warm day of working in the yard.

Build Your Own Pickleball Court

Never have to wait for a court to open up again.

Compared to other sports, pickleball courts don’t take up much space. They’re a great way to pack years of fun into a space that you’d probably just have to mow every week, otherwise.

Your friends and your fitness will thank you.

Add On a Sunroom or Solarium

However much we’d love summer to stay, the days always get shorter eventually.

A sunroom or solarium is a great way to bridge summer with spring and fall. With good planning and ventilation, it can act like a covered patio in the summer, making a transitional space between indoors and outdoors.

Then in the colder seasons it lets you bring in as much sunlight as you can while still being protected from the elements.

Create an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Never Want to Leave

The biggest thing missing in most outdoor living spaces is comfort.

If you look at your indoor living room you’ll probably see a couch, some comfy chairs, a television—it’s designed for comfort. 

Which is why it’s so easy to spend time there.

By investing in a comfortable outdoor living area, you’ll get your whole family spending more time outdoors while also giving your home a more spacious feel.

If you want to hear more about any of these ideas, or if you’ve got some ideas of your own to make a great outdoor living space, click here to get in touch today.

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