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Your go-to source for all the latest news and updates on remodeling projects happening around Tacoma. From new developments and cutting-edge design trends to expert insights and tips from our team, our blog has everything you need to stay informed and inspired, it's The York Report.

Handyman vs. General Contractor: Which One to Choose for Your Tacoma Project

House projects have a habit of piling up. You’ve got work, kids’ events, chores, and then on top of that you need to figure out who you would even call to get all your minor home repairs done. Will a handyman do a good job?

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The Tacoma Guide to Planning Your Perfect Cabinets—On Any Budget

Your cabinets are the heart of your kitchen and bathroom. They set the visual tone. But they also determine how functional your spaces are. So when they clash with your aesthetic sense or don’t have the right spaces, then every meal and morning routine is harder than it needs to be.

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The Refresh: How to transform your Tacoma kitchen or bathroom without a full remodel

Full remodels can work wonders for your home, but it’s not always the right time in your life for that level of work. That’s when we recommend our clients focus on a kitchen or bathroom refresh instead.

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10 Reasons to Love York Enterprises: Tacoma's Premier Home Remodeler

From Duke's humble beginnings, York Enterprises is more than a remodeler; it's a passionate connection with Tacoma. As a nod to the famous movie that was filmed in our ten, here are 10 things to love about York Enterprises.

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Our Interior Designer Julie Roland Shares Design Trends for Classic Homes in 2024

Julie shares her unique philosophy around uncovering the client's vision and tastes, and then seamlessly infusing modern aesthetics that complement the classic feel of their living spaces.

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Have a vintage Tacoma Home? 'Tis the season to check your roof. And check it twice.

If you neglect your Tacoma home's roof you might find yourself scrambling when Washington weather turns ugly.

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New purchase or home remodel? Which makes better sense for you?

The Tacoma housing market is still challenged with scarce inventory and skyrocketing prices. But your current space is getting tight for your family. What's a homeowner to do?

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Tacoma's Loan Program to Help Tacoma Residents With Repairs

The City of Tacoma's loan program assists low and moderate-income Tacoma homeowners repair or upgrade your home.

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Protecting Your Home’s Waterline and Wallet

Did you know the City of Tacoma offers grants and zero-interest loans to help alleviate the financial strain if your waterline breaks? York Enterprises shares the details.

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Take advantage of Pierce County's 3 Year Home Improvement Exemption Program

Pierce County is currently offering a three year property exemption program up to 30% if you decide to upgrade ore remodel your home!

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Revamp Your Kitchen Ahead of the Fall Remodel Rush

Creating Stress-Free Holidays with a Functional and Beautiful Space

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Beat the Summer Heat in Your Home with Tips from York Enterprises

Many Northwest homes aren’t designed for hot summer days, and it can seem like your home is unbearable for a sweltering month without cranking the AC. With that in mind, we’ve got some tips for how to keep your home cool.

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Summer Vibes: Preparing Your Home for the Summer Season

As we shake off the rain and celebrate the first day of summer, it's time to prepare your home for the official beginning of the sunny season.

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Celebrating National Home Remodeling Month

York Enterprises is Transforming Tacoma, One Remodel at a Time

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Top 5 Tips When Starting a Major Home Remodel

Get the top five tips for a successful major home remodel on our blog! Whether you're renovating your entire home or just one room, careful planning and execution are crucial. Our expert tips will help you define your goals and budget, hire a professional contractor, plan your schedule, choose the right design and materials, and prepare for the construction process.

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How to Upgrade a Classic Tacoma Home from the 1900s to a Modern Masterpiece

Upgrade your classic Tacoma home into a modern masterpiece without losing its authenticity. Learn how with our expert tips on transforming your home into a functional, comfortable, and stylish living space.

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Residential Remodeling
& Repairs

Our professional remodeling experience includes making improvements to existing bathrooms, kitchens, and more. We also have capabilities in custom homes and new additions. Learn more about the home improvement services we offer in Tacoma.

Home addition in Tacoma

Preconstruction Services

From simple dormers to multi-story add ons, York Enterprises can add square footage to enhance your home’s comfort and resale value.

Green kitchen remodel in Tacoma


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Our award-winning kitchen remodeling services turn them into functional and beautiful gathering spaces.

Bathroom remodel in Tacoma


Upgrade your fixtures and finishes, or team with York to fully remodel the perfect bathroom to fit your lifestyle.

Tacoma waterfront home remodel

Interior Design

The York Enterprises team ensures every element of your custom construction comes together on time and within budget.

A newly remodeled kitchen in Tacoma washington

Remodels and Renovations

We are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of remodeling existing homes and take pride in making the design process go smoothly.

Bright beautiful kitchen remodel in Tacoma

New Homes

Our expertise in universal design includes remodeling bathrooms to fit barrier-free showers, installing grab bars, and more.

A nice modern kitchen with an island centerpiece

Maintenance and Repairs

We provide end-to-end custom residential design and remodeling services, from initial concept to full design and build.

Bright blue kitchen remodel in Tacoma

Exterior Building Systems

We provide preventative maintenance, earthquake readiness and preparedness inspections, and general repair services.

Kitchen/Bathroom refresh

From countertop replacements to cabinet painting and custom touches, we'll refresh your space without the need for a full remodel.

Handyman Services

Our handyman services range from home repairs to hanging light fixtures, installing cabinets, and much more. We've got you covered.

Tacoma Home remodel by York Enterprises

Specialty Services

York Enterprises is certified to install outdoor Gaco decking products and licensed to perform other exterior improvements.

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