June 20, 2023

Summer Vibes: Preparing Your Home for the Summer Season

Summer Vibes: Preparing Your Home for the Summer Season

As we shake off the rain and celebrate the first day of summer, it's time to prepare your home for the official beginning of the sunny season. Whether you're looking to optimize your outdoor spaces, update your air conditioning systems, create a summer-inspired kitchen, or maximize natural light, York Enterprises is here to provide guidance and inspiration for a summer-ready home.

Update Your Air Conditioning Systems

With the scorching heat of summer, it's essential to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable. Tacoma and Puyallup homes aren’t known for having air conditioning, but if you are lucky to have a system, ensure it is in good working condition. Clean or replace filters, check for any leaks or malfunctioning parts, and schedule a maintenance visit from a professional if necessary. If your HVAC system is worn out, you may be surprised at how much money you are wasting keeping it running. By investing in a newer, more efficient model, or an easy-to-install ductless heat pump, either option will eliminate stress and pay for itself in no time.

Optimize Outdoor Spaces

Nothing is more refreshing than sitting outside on a warm summer’s day and taking in the view of Commencement Bay or the Narrows Bridge. Enhance your experience by cleaning and decluttering your patio or deck area. Remove any debris, pressure wash surfaces, and update any worn-out furniture or accessories. Consider adding shade structures like pergolas to provide relief from the sun. Dial in the ambiance with outdoor lighting and invest in comfortable seating arrangements for entertaining guests or enjoying a peaceful evening outdoors. York Enterprises has a variety of ideas from past projects we would love to share with you to maximize your outdoor experience.

Create a Summer-Inspired Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and during the summer, it becomes a gathering place for family and friends. Bring summer vibes into your kitchen by updating your decor and adding functional elements. Consider incorporating light and breezy colors such as pastels or whites to create a fresh and airy atmosphere. You can also introduce northwest patterns or nature-themed accents like stones, natural wood or northwest artwork. Don't forget to stock up on vibrant decor and dinnerware to enhance the seasonal experience.

Maximize Natural Light

During the summer months, take advantage of the abundant northwest natural light to create a bright and cheerful ambiance in your home. Start by cleaning your windows to allow maximum sunlight to penetrate your living spaces. Consider removing heavy curtains or blinds and replacing them with lightweight and sheer fabrics that let the sunlight filter through. If privacy is a concern, you can opt for translucent window coverings that offer both privacy and natural light. Additionally, we love helping our clients add skylights or enlarge existing windows to bring in even more sunshine and a connection to the outdoors.

As you prepare your home for the summer season, remember that York Enterprises is here to assist you with any home improvement projects you may have. Our team of professionals can provide expert guidance and quality services to help you achieve your vision of a summer-ready home.

So, get ready to embrace the summer vibes by updating your air conditioning systems, optimizing your outdoor spaces, creating a summer-inspired kitchen, and maximizing natural light. With a little planning and some thoughtful adjustments, you can transform your home into a refreshing and inviting retreat that perfectly captures the essence of summer.

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