December 17, 2023

Have a vintage Tacoma Home? 'Tis the season to check your roof. And check it twice.

Have a vintage Tacoma Home? 'Tis the season to check your roof. And check it twice.

The thought of buying and renovating a charming old home in Tacoma may sound like an exciting undertaking. Old Pacific Northwest homes exude character with beautiful details from bygone eras and unique features you will never find in new construction. But before committing to an old home, tis the season (the rainy season that is) to pay close attention to what you might be getting yourself into, especially regarding your roof.

If you’ve been inspired by home remodeling shows on HGTV, you may be more excited to attack your kitchen or landscaping while ignoring other critical upgrades. But if you don’t prioritize your roof you might find yourself scrambling when Washington weather turns ugly. And depending on its condition and the attention previous owners gave it, repairs could be more costly than you budgeted for.

There are so many variables that contribute to the wear and tear of a home's roof, including its size, location, surrounding environment, materials used and maintenance history. Taking these into account, our team at York Enterprises also checks the following indicators when assessing the constitution of your historic home’s covering. 

Sagging is a troubling signal that your roof’s overall construction might be compromised.  Sagging on outcroppings like eves or dormers may be an easier fix, but a drooping main roof is a definite red flag. Check to see if there are serious structural issues, potentially involving warped or broken rafters or roof beams. If it's not too late, demand the seller address the issue before purchase, but if you are already committed, seek out a professional who can fix bigger integrity issues rather than just laying shingles.

Speaking of shingles, replacing old or missing shingles may pose challenges. You may desire to replace them with historically accurate shingles like wood shakes, slate or clay tiles, but procuring those can be challenging and costly. Most importantly, you may be sacrificing longevity by not going with modern composite or metal roof options. There are many products out there today that can reflect your home’s rich history while offering practical protection and integrity. 

Neglecting your Tacoma home's gutters could lead to costly repairs

Well-functioning gutters are crucial for draining water away from the home, preventing issues such as leaks, rotting fascia, indoor mold, foundation problems, and landscaping erosion. Sagging or warped gutters are a sign of deterioration and should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Cleaning gutters and downspouts is also crucial, as clogs can cause them to overflow and cause any or all of the problems listed here.

Don't focus solely on the roof's exterior; assess indoor conditions as well. Roof leaks often lead to water damage inside, including mold, soggy insulation, cracks, or bulges. Mold poses health risks, potentially compromising your family’s well being. Our inspection team is highly trained using the latest leak-spotting technology to ensure even the smallest leak won’t lead to big issues down the road.

Before you tear into the more exciting Tacoma home-remodeling projects, make sure it is protected from the elements by addressing your roof first. If the task reveals chores that may be out of your league, consider adding York Enterprises to your roof-repair team. We can guide you through the process, from inspection to product selection and installation, ensuring your vintage home will be protected well into the future!

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