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Custom Home

A space with function and character

Project Description

The Raisl family wanted a space that was both functional and full of character. We were able to achieve just that with a stunning new design, which features solid wood floors, a classic farm sink, and striking emerald green Corian countertops. The white cabinets provide a bright and clean backdrop for the space, while the warm wood floors add texture and depth. The centerpiece of the kitchen is undoubtedly the farm sink, which adds a touch of rustic charm to the modern space. The emerald green Corian countertops add a pop of color to the room, creating a bold yet elegant statement. The Raisl kitchen remodel is a perfect example of how thoughtful design can transform a space into something truly special.

What We Did

A full remodel taking the kitchen almost to the studs. Tearing out and replacing everything from the flooring to the light fixtures. The Raisl project was an example of a quick yet effective kitchen transformation.

Services utilized in this project

Preconstruction Services

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